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4 Keys to Personal Transitions

Personal Transitions Defined

You know where you stand right now, wherever it is. You know where you want to be, wherever that is. And you are on your way. This is called a transition. A space between the known and the known. It can be a great space if you've chosen it and have the time to enjoy it. It can be a comfortable place if you have a support crew managing some of the details especially if some of your crew have done the trip before. But it can also be hell on earth.

The Dark Side of a Personal Transition

Mix a brew of impatience to get to the other side of a transition, with fear of not making it, add a bit of public humiliation right where you are and then mix in some dependants who basically need you to get there for their sake and you have all the ingredients of the dark side of transition.

4 Keys to Personal Transition

  1. Get help and choose that help wisely. Make sure your counsel is wise, experienced and not functioning out of a guide book. Be sure to be treated as an individual and respected for the importance of achieving what you want.
  2. Be patient with where you are because quite often there are learnings and emotions right where you are now that could come with you and anchor you back to the past. So, clear the past before you embark on the journey. Get help with this too.
  3. Define your goal holistically. Too often people jump into change and transition with a single outcome in mind and forget to bring the other six areas of life along with them. The result might be a win on one of life's fronts, usually the one associated with funk, but a loss in the other six, triggering even more transition work. Define your result holistically.
  4. Create realistic stepping stones. Anything done in huge leaps usually results in slippage. Instead, create realistic small goals and steps, measure and define them and reward yourself for progress. Even new habits take time to embed so you need mini rewards or acknowledgements along the way.

There's more....

You will often wish to believe that at the end of this transition, you'll get a break from transitions. But that's a myth. Good transition management simply brings forward the next transition and the better you are at managing them, the faster you'll get the next challenge. It's exciting and yet, confronting. So, learn a process for transitions. Might I suggest the Back on Track™ process. You can learn it in 30 days of e-learning and coaching or in a two day corporate training program.

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