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Mental Strength - True and False Expectations

1. False expectation #1. Shit happens

There is order in the chaos. We attract and repel. We are totally in control, if we can control our thoughts, of what happens to us. Some people are lazy with mind control and prefer to jump into life and let shit happen. This abandonment lifestyle is similar to many adrenal junkies and ill-fated entrepreneurs. Remembering that "nothing ventured, Nothing lost." Relationships that break down do so according to a natural law and those are predictable. Relationships also break down because individuals operate (or try to) with short term pleasures in a battle with long term sustainability) and sadly, visa versa. (some people forgo the fun and joy in order to create a long lasting family relationship and therefore sacrifice this moment for the next). The mathematics of success in sport, business and life is a universal one and when our ego creates false expectations, we are fighting the universe. The end result of such a fight is always pain and suffering.

2. True expectation #2. Shit happens

There is a myth that if we grow, we grow toward peace. Nothing can be further from the truth. We grow at the border of order and chaos. Hence, we grow into order and chaos. It never changes. If you meditate, be good, or do right for the next 10,000 years, you will still experience order (things going the way you expect) and chaos (things going the opposite to what you expect (shit happening). You can get used to this idea that chaos, shit happening is actually a sign of growth, not a defiance of it. Check the growth rings of a tree. The rings, in human development are called Frustra. If you expect frustra your mental strength will not be sacrificed when you hit one. And, for those of you out there who are anal retentive, this includes you. Chaos is the balance of the order you create. If we become a control freak at work then expect your chaos elsewhere. The idea, for mental strength is to embrace it in small chunks as it comes rather than store it up. You have seen tsunami, earth quake and flood, you have seen shootings at schools and bombs by terrorist. This is chaos that has no other avenue for release. It stores up and explodes in all the very worst ways, including domestic violence. You can embrace the chaos in small bites and smile, with mental strength when there's a challenge to your expectations. Then, rather than fight it, store it and have it exhaust you, you can find wise ways to express the frustration, even use it for accelerating your pace, rather than have it work against you.

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