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Personal Performance Improvement

  7 Steps to Back on Track
  1. Emotional 
  2. Physiological 
  3. Environmental
  4. Innerwealth
  5. Goals
  6. Self Talk
  7. Results

1. Emotion

Mental strength comes from the ability to adapt to handle any situation. Resilience is not rigid but adaptable thinking. This is real empowerment. This is the focus of phase 1. Emotional mastery and control.

2. Physiology

Mind body work as one. Any change in one must be reflected in the other. Inner peace and personal harmony, high performance and personal improvement depend on this alignment - balance.

3. Environment

Underestimated in all personal performance improvement programs is the importance of look and feel, space and team. For fast improvement this Re focus on environmental factors must be strategically and cleverly orchestrated.

4. Innerwealth

Intrinsic values drive performance, mood and commitment. Extrinsic values drive outcomes. Aligning, or re- aligning these two is Innerwealth, the sense of true personal integrity, authenticity and human spirit (heart and soul) engaged.

5. Goals

We set short, medium and long term goals to create stepping stones and accountability for improvement. Transitions are never easy but they are made easier by clarity in goals - achievable and yet not fantasy. Real goals - real results - enjoyable balance between process and outcomes.

6. Self Takk

The greatest advances in human performance psychology are wrapped into this simplicity of Self-Talk, the inner dialogue a person has with themselves during real time challenges. Breaking patterns of belief and habits of subconscious addiction can release 30% more energy into task focussed behaviour - outcome.

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