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If you've climbed a mountain, walked in the woods, got your hands dirty helping people in a third world environment, worked with indigenous kids who are at risk of suicide, if you've sat at the starting gate of a life changing real adventure that's not on the internet or in a computer game, you already know what I'm talking about.

Vision, Inspiration and Purpose might be three fancy words we've put together for corporate life that create an acronym of V.I.P but at their core they mean "TURN UP 110% and GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT." Something academics can only theorise about. But I'm talking real life here, the real deal about living and working. It's not a theory, it's not another seminar, or book, or blog. It's how we be ourselves and leave an impression longer than the next five minutes.

When you arrive at a moment in your life when all the stars align and you're facing the reality of investing your life savings in a business, or chucking a javelin for the final gold medal, or getting up after you've smashed yourself on a bike and getting back on again, you know what VIP feels like. It's not a game, it's not designed for HAHA fun keynotes and it can't be written in books because it's a poetry you feel, remember and ultimately know in a way that cannot be described by scientific papers or in classrooms. You live it, breathe it and know it.

Bringing it home

Vision goes beyond words. There are always seven of them. One for each area of life. My job is to get your visions down on paper so, when the going gets tough, you know yourself. But it's equally valuable for a business, a corporation because that's what makes you mean something to each person who works for you.

Inspiration is something an academic or an intellectual can only hope happens by accident. But since time began the science of inspiration, grace, love, connection to god, prayer, meditation, bliss, being in the Now, has beed recorded, shared and practiced by those who want life to be more than make money, eat food, poo and die. People like me, who've dedicated their entire life to the science of Inspiration know that motivation is emotion and commotion and inspiration is integration. Inspiration in every area of life is absolutely possible and that's another word of "peace of mind." The key to intuition being trusted.

Purpose is meaning. More than profit, more than family, more than self, in simple language purpose means beyond self serving ego. A group, a community, a nation binds together because there's a common purpose and it's greater than the individual. You might laugh at the notion of world peace, or global warming or save the children or stop poverty as idealism - but organisations and indivuduals are a part of nature and every grain of sand in nature has a purpose greater than itself, to form a beach maybe. It is what creates more than brand, it creates human unity through diversity.

For the Organisation

Vision, inspiration and purpose for a business means brand, values, culture, strategy, structure and human development completely as one, a unified and cohesive whole from the front door to the back. Getting VIP right affects productivity, organisational health, engagement and bottom line. It affects suppliers, clients, community and P&L. VIP supports and encourages diversity, there's no stopping an organisation that is led by a vision. 360 degree Vision, Inspiration and Purpose affects everything important and it is without doubt the single most important ingredient in determining wellbeing, cost reduction, productivity and bottom line results.

For the Individual

You own it. It's simple. It's portable and it's inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there's no stopping you, if you don't then it's all just hard work and struggle. Your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose affects everything important and it is without doubt the single most important ingredient in determining the quality of your life, work life balance and the essential exchange in relationships.

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